Why Buy New


“Let’s buy a repo!” you say; “we’ll get a great deal!” As anyone who has been through the process can tell you, the ‘deal’ usually involves months of negotiating in the dark, only to be faced with a long fix-it list after you’ve moved in. That assumes you are actually able to close, of course. Why would you let an impersonal bank decide whether or not you should own a home? At Courtland, we take pride in delivering quality NEW homes with NONE of these hassles. Once you decide on the home you want, our team begins pursuing your goal immediately, keeping you informed throughout the process.

And at today’s pricing, there’s no reason to buy used! Want more proof? The list goes on; here are just a few other reasons to buy NEW from Courtland:

1. Cleanliness Your new home has never been lived in by other people. This may sound obvious but just think carpet, bathrooms, appliances, etc. Get the picture?

2. Your home, your way Don’t settle for someone else’s idea of a great home. We have lots of plans and options from which to choose.

3. Ease of Maintenance Your new Courtland home is essentially maintenance free for years after you move in. Who knows what the last owner left for you to deal with?

4. Energy Efficiency New homes are much more energy efficient than those built only a few years ago, saving you money on utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Great Warranty and Customer Service Courtland has a warranty on all items in your new home and a full-time staff of Customer Service professionals, ensuring you are completely satisfied after you move in.

8. Choose your Location Courtland gives you the flexibility to not only choose which community you live in, but also your specific homesite. Proximity to a park or walking trail, having the privacy of a cul-de-sac lot, or even choosing how the sun shines in your home are all things that YOU can decide.

9. Modern Appliances All Courtland homes are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, installed just days before you move in. Our vendor relationships ensure that you get the best possible quality at prices below what you would pay at your local retailer.